Delivering across Mumbai. Minimum order of two growlers.
Kati Patang on Tap, exclusively at Leaping Windows

As we leapt from one story to another, we took a plunge into Kati Patang’s tale of freedom.
Their love for honest expressions of the inner self, drew us together.
And their brews? Unique, fresh and simply delish.

Take a leap, and pop open a new avatar.

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Good to Know

Due to government regulations, we are unable to process payment online. Our team will get in touch with you to process your payment.
- Minimum order of 2 growlers required to process an order. 
- Our team will call you to confirm the delivery time and delivery charges.
- To know about our delivery charges, click here.
- The displayed beer price is inclusive of the cost of growler.
- Our beers are shipped in eco-friendly refillable glass growlers.
- Kati Patang growlers can be returned for a refund of Rs. 50 per growler on your next order.
- Total number of growlers returned cannot exceed the total units of beer ordered.

Let the card parties begin! With 3 growlers win our exclusive deck of playing cards! Hurry, stock's drying up fast.

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